I am lucky to have a beautiful life: every day, I can see the gorgeous sunset and the colorful night, in my warm lovely home. Through the windows, through the books and the films, all the romantic views and stories colored me, gave me the ability to create. I like creating things: songs, drawings and paintings, writings. I enjoy my magical imagination, enjoy these ideas dancing together, moving their bodies, well, sometimes they fight. Here is a little poem:

My friend Wizard and I jumped on his dragon,
flew over the fields and the mountains,
enjoyed the last minute before the night.
‘ The pink earth is the magic of the sky. ’
I said when we went straight to the light.
Wizard started to sing while we flew far and high.
‘ There was once a place without side,
fairies spent all their time waiting for the bright.
How stupid were they, right ?
Cause all they had to do was dancing until death. ’



Painting. 29.8.21




Nora 11.9.21






















Even the same person, the same action, can also give us a different feeling.