I am Nora —a Chinese girl, my Chinese name is Qi Chu. I was born in October 2009, live in Hangzhou with my family and two cats. Joe is my English teacher —one of my favorite teacher, there are three main reasons why I like our lessons :
1.We don’t just study from the textbook, we sometimes read stories and watch films together,(he has a good taste ) and tell each other our own lives. Joe can teach me a lot in all ways, I think he is a good singer, a good writer and a good storyteller.
2.Joe respects me, doesn’t push me to do anything. He treats me like a friend, a real friend.
3. My English has clearly improved , but Joe never gives me a lot of homework.The ‘homework’ that I need to do is very interesting: send photo diaries to Joe .



My name is Dissy, Joe’s Chinese student. I’m eleven years old now. I live in Hangzhou with my family, ten fish, four turtles, a hamster and a snail. My classmate Nora recommended Joe to me.When I had my first class, I found his class was very interesting and special.
During the lesson, I like to chat and share the interesting things with Joe. We listen to music, look at pictures and tell stories to each other. I think Joe is a friend rather than a teacher.
In Joe’s class,  I will not be nervous or worry about making mistakes. When I encounter difficult vocabulary, Joe will Teach me carefully. There was an air of gaiety in his class which would make me happy.




Hello!  I am Summer. I am eleven years old. Zheng Zhou is my home, China Zheng Zhou. I am an six grade now. I like studying Chinese and English, but I don’t like maths! It is too hard! I have been learning with Joe for 2 years.We have fun, read books, learn grammar and we share stories of our self. I like Joe’s class because it is not boring. A funny teacher teach a funny student. Haha!



“Hello. My name is Anna, i’m from Russia and I work in FMCG marketing. I had been studying English with Joe by Skype for a few years, and he helped me a lot to improve my speaking and listening skills. The classes were interesting and interactive: we were talking about movies, books, scientific articles etc,, which Joe recommended in advance for homework. It was also important to me that Joe’s schedule was flexible enough so that I could find a time convenient for me. I recommend Joe as teacher, who will make your classes “live” and not boring”.



My name is Evanna, currently a full time student studying IB program at Nanjing Foreign Language School International Centre. Days flash by, I am now in Year 11, and I really appreciate meeting Joe one year ago.
Our lessons are mainly English Literature, including world-renowned novels (The Kite Runner, The Moon and Sixpence etc.), British poetry (poems from William Blake, William Shakespeare etc.), as well as some film clips, music and free chats into many aspects of life.
Joe respects every idea and whim, leading to profound reading by encouraging various thoughts and reflections based upon the analysis of books. He is a great reading companion who often suggests insights into details to promote constant thinking. Apart from improving English, it is a good way to broaden horizons and deepen the understanding of literature. Besides learning about different cultures, one of the most marvelous advantages of reading is that it makes people reasonable, and revolutionizes the way we observe men and the world.