Once there was a boy with blue eyes called Blue Eyes. His mother was a spinster and his father was a tailor. One day Blue Eyes saw three turtles tied up with straw rope. They asked him for help. Blue Eyes was kind, he saved them. The turtles said:`we will remember you, thank you!´Then the boy saved a hamster and a fish. They all thanked the boy.

Ten years later, Blue Eyes grew up to be a man. One day, he went to buy cloth, and saw a beautiful princess named Animal princess. The princess charmed him and he wanted to marry her. The king liked him because of his blue eyes, but he loved his daughter more, he didn’t want his daughter to get married so easily. So the king gave Blue Eyes two challenges. The first challenge was to untie the rope and cross the river without any tools! The second challenge was to recover the ring the King threw into the river one day!

These two challenge seemed impossible, but the animals he had helped before came to his aid. In the first challenge the hamster chewed the rope off his body and the turtles let him walk across the river on their backs. In the second challenge, the fish helped. Blue Eyes brought the ring from the bottom of the lake. He complete both challenges! So Blue Eyes married the princess and they lived happily together!