I’m Joe, I’ve been an English teacher since I qualified in 2000 with my Cambridge CELTA teaching certificate and went to teach abroad.  I have taught English in Ireland, Poland, France, Romania, Russia and Nicaragua, where I now live with my family, my wife Masha who is a Russian artist and our two dogs and three cats.  I now give free English lessons to local people in our neighbourhood but also give lessons  by Skype.

I use what is usually called the “communicative approach”, which means that the goal of learning a foreign language is communication, so that is what we focus on. You might ask yourself what other kind of goal could there be, and it would be a good question, but in the schools where many of my students are learning English, the goal is to memorize and repeat, like parrots.  We have parrots here in our yard and they are very interesting birds, but they are just copying sounds they have heard from memory, not “producing” language. During my time working with mainly Russian and Chinese students, I have developed a teaching strategy which involves the student in his own learning and gets them to create and produce their own language by bringing something of their own to the class. Of course, as the teacher, I create a lesson plan, which gives us a general structure, but every other lesson, the student brings an idea of their own to the class:  a poem or story or a song they have written, some pictures or photos they want to share and discuss, a subject from daily life they want to discuss, a video or cartoon they have seen.  I am now making a special page on this website where students will be able to publish their creative works, their poems and stories and paintings and songs. This not only encourages students to feel that their work is special but inspires other students to do the same, to publish and share their creative ideas.

If you are interested in having English lessons by Skype, write to me at joe.kilroy.tutor@gmail.com and I will reply by the end of the day. Give me an idea of your age, level and why you need to study English.

You will need a good internet connection and headset.  Some people like to use camera, this is the choice of the student,

Welcome aboard,


  • Cambridge CELTA qualified British native speaker teacher with 20 years experience.
  • English lessons by Skype at elementary level and above.
  • Specialist in teaching Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese students.
  • Preparation  for school exams.
  • Preparation for Cambridge exams ( FCE, IELTS, CPE, CAE).
  • Preparation for living, studying and working abroad.
  • Flexible schedule, ( my Time Zone GMT-6 )
  • Business English, using Market Leader program from Elementary to Advanced level.
  • Experienced teacher of  children and adults through drama, storytelling and music.
  • Emphasis on speaking, listening,  reading and writing.
  • Homework checking.
  • Interesting library of audio-visual materials for students.
  • Teacher of English through film. (See ‘Film Clip Library‘).