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I am a 44-year old Cambridge CELTA qualified English teacher from Manchester in the UK. I have recently moved to Andalucia in Spain after six years living and working in Moscow.

In Russia I taught all levels and ages and helped to prepare many students for exams to go and live, work and study abroad. Last year I worked in a private school teaching young learners.

I have taught business English in Russian banks and metallurgical companies. I have also taught English through drama and poetry, novels and plays, to professional Russian actors who needed help with pronunciation and to professional singers who simply wanted to understand song lyrics in English.

I obtained my degree in English and French from the Univeristy of Ulster in 1992. I taught English in Brittany, France for several years and worked in Dublin as an actor, before training as a Multimedia designer and getting my Master's Degree in 2002. I gained my Cambridge CELTA certificate in 1999.

I went to Moscow in February 2005 and worked as a freelance English teacher and editor for Probusinessbank Moscow and NLMK Steel, Moscow.

I moved to Spain in November 2011 and have been in the UK since December 2011.


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