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' Curious Mind English'


These podcasts are divided into three types:


  • 1 - Language and Grammar podcasts for listening. These focus on an area of grammar or speech and are meant for simply listening to. These podcasts are labelled 'L'.
  • 2 - Descriptive podcasts - These focus on areas of culture and explain, for example, customs or special dates and places in history or daily life. They can be used just to listen to but also to provoke discussion, even debate. These podcasts are labelled 'D'.
  • 3 - Creative podcasts - These are more 'freestyle' in approach, perhaps a monologue by a character from a play, perhaps a dialogue by two characters, perhaps a short story which could be about life in Britain, Moscow or Timbuk Tu. These podcasts might also provoke debate , discussion and reaction, which is a good thing. These podcasts depend more on my own mood, it should be remembered that they may contain ideas which do not reflect my opinion on issues, but only the opinion of the character being performed. These podcasts are labelled - 'C'.

These podcasts are audio files which can be downloaded to your computer. To do this, right-click with your mouse and select "Save link as...." and it will save the file to your computer. With each audio podcast there is also a Word file, a text file with the words of the podcast. Sometimes there may be small differences.

I very much appreciate your feedback about these podcasts, any kind of feedback, positive and negative. I am trying to make them as useful, enjoyable and interesting as possible, and your advice helps me to do this.



1) The Bushbeater- [Length - 11.26] ] ( C)

MP3 . Level - Intermediate upwards.

Word File. [ Text of podcast].



2) A Quick look at some short forms and pronunciation in British English. [17.21] ---------( L)

MP3 - Level...Intermediate and above.

Word File. [ Text file of podcast].



3) Moscow Dogs - [ 3mins .50sec]- - -- - - - - ( C)

MP3 - Level Intermediate and above.

Word File. [text]



4) The Last Meal - [ 5mins, 20 sec]-----------(C)

MP3 Level Intermediate and above.

Word File [text]



5) I Want to tell you why I love Moscow -

Part one(8 mins)-----(C)

Level - Intermediate and above.

PDF file. (text).


6) I want to tell you why I love Moscow -

Part two - ( 6.30) (C)

Level - Intermediate and above.

PDF file - (text)


7) David Beckham - (C)

MP3 - (6. 20)

Level - Intermediate.

DOC (text).


8) I'd like to able....I wish I could.... (L)

MP3 - (2.32)

Level - Intermediate.

DOC (text)



9) The Sucking Stone Sequence - Samuel Beckett. (C)

A monologue in a Southern Irish accent.

MP3 ( 9.56).

Level - Advanced.

DOC. (text)




I wouldn't mind, but.... (L)

MP3 (1 min. 15 secs)

Level - Pre-intermediate +

DOC. (text).













Please use the form on the left to ask any questions. You need to put your email address too, but this will not be disclosed.